…or about how to connect the dots looking backwards

I’ve always had an inclination for technology but didn’t gain an insight into it until  I finished the degree in Translation and Interpreting. During my studies, the combination of languages and technology was simply never put on the table. We were told about career opportunities for sworn, court and even literary translators but had no clue about technical ones. Some of my colleagues picked up electives from the Law and Economic faculties and few of them continued studying to receive a double degree. I preferred to broaden my general culture by studying linguistics, history, politics, literature and learning more languages, like Italian.

But that wasn’t enough. I’ve always being curious and wanted to keep studying and learning new things. After all, good translators are also subject matter experts. The summer I finished my studies I saw an add on the newspaper. The regional government of my region was looking for candidates to study a Masters in International Trade that would be willing to go abroad to sell products and services from local companies. I wanted to know more about the economic world, and I wanted to travel and use my language knowledge to help my region. It was the year 2009, and Spain was facing one of the worst economic crisis in history. I’d have bet on me being sent to a German-speaking country…or maybe to England or United States…but I ended up in…Portugal!

I didn’t know a word in Portuguese and I was asked to organize a series of business meetings between professionals of different economic sectors from both sides of the border. I had to learn everything. Fast and from scratch. I translated budgets, brochures, e-mails, I attended meetings, I made cold calls…I met fantastic people and grew a lot, both personally and as a professional.

A year later, fortune knocked on my door again. My application to work as a summer intern at the Spanish Translation Department of the United Nations in New York had been accepted…

…to be continued