Machine Learning: Supervised Learning Overview

I’ve just completed one more course of Pluralsight's Data Science Foundation learning path: “Play-by-play: Machine Learning Exposed” by James Weaver and Katherine Beaumont. The course consists of three modules: Machine Learning introduction, supervised learning, and reinforcement learning. In this post, I’ll focus on some important concepts and definitions of supervised learning, one of the three … Continue reading Machine Learning: Supervised Learning Overview

Data Analytics, IoT, Big Data and ML – an Overview

I've recently started a new course about Data Science on Pluralsight. The course consists of 23 modules which range from basics of data driven business to data science, AI and ML fundamentals, data visualizations, communications, and statistics foundations. Today I've finished one of the modules, created by Matthew Renze and entitled "Data Science: The Big … Continue reading Data Analytics, IoT, Big Data and ML – an Overview